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The 'How To' Series

We have teamed up with Raleigh bikes to show you how to ride your bike to its full potential. 

In this 6 part video series, we will be tackling all the fundamental skills you need to become the best you can possibly be. From braking, cornering, descending to even getting both wheels off the ground, we will make the way you ride, the best way to ride!

Take a look at the videos below to get learning then head over to Raleigh and get your brand new ride!

Raleigh Kids

Raleigh have been inspiring families to get out on their bikes since 1887 and they won't stop till everyone has experienced the joy of cycling! 

Come rain or shine your little ones should embrace the great outdoors and what better way to do it than a family bike ride.


If you're looking for a reliable bike that will help your young riders learn the basics or a higher level ride that will help them get to grips with gears, then Raleigh will have the bike for them. 

Take a look at the various ranges they offer below.

Balance bikes

Great for new riders - balance bikes do exactly what they say in the name - they teach balance!


A balance bike can be used in the house or on grass when starting out, then progressing to parks and pavements. There may be a lot of falling to begin with - so these options are to keep your little ones from hurting themselves!

Stabiliser bikes 

All Raleigh pavement bikes come with stabilisers, so they're great to learn on!


You can take the stabilisers off when they're ready and they keep their favourite bike! These can be used on pavements and trails so they can join you when you go out as a family.

Junior bikes

A junior bike is great for kids that are confident riders, looking to progress to using gears.

These can be used on pavements and trails, so they can join you when you go out as a family!

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