Our Visits

To get the children excited as much as we are, we always start with an introduction assembly to the whole school. This will take place 10 days prior to the event day.

During the assembly, pupils will be informed of their Track and Field or Action Sports Star and will also be shown some simple fitness exercises along with an inspiring sports video of what they would expect on the day. Take a look at Our Athletes. 

Pupils will be asked to collect sponsorship money from their family and friends when they receive a sponsorship form later that day. This money is primarily for the school to spend on vital sports and activity equipment for the on-going benefit of it’s pupils.


Superschools will provide the specific details of the event immediately after the initial assembly visit. This includes

  • An Event Day Structure & Risk Assessment

  • Photography/filming disclaimer forms (if required) 


The Event Day

On the morning or afternoon, pupils will be photographed individually with their Sports Star. The children then take part in a series of exercises which are demonstrated by our coaches and the year 6 helpers you have selected. A talk/demonstration will immediately begin after with your sports star, either in the same hall or alternate location within the school grounds.


Each child will receive a printed photograph of themselves with their Sports Star a week after the Event Day. These images WILL NOT be published anywhere.

Sponsorship Collection

Children will be informed that all sponsorship funds raised will need to be in by the following week after the Event Day.



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Event Day

Demonstration / talk

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