Zero cost for your school


The cost involved in bringing Superschools to your school are recovered from the sponsorship monies brought in by your pupils- and the rest is yours. A Superschools event is a money maker for your school, not a cost!


During our introductory assembly, each teacher will received enough sponsorship forms for all the children in the class.


Children then ask their friends and families to sponsor them for a series of exercises.


On the event day each child is given the opportunity to be photographed with a champion sports star, before they tackle the exercises that Superschools has laid out in the hall.


This is an example of how the money is divided.

We will use 240 children who have raised £7 each as an example-

A levy charge of £1 per child will cover the cost of the photography

Total money raised on the day (240 children x £7)                                 £1680.00

Minus levy charge of £240                                                                      £1440.00

Superschools percentage (%40)                                                              £576.00

Yours schools percentage (%60)                         Total  £864.00



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