Event Day Structure

Please note- The school are responsible for providing the correct information regarding children’s photography


8.30/40am- Arrival at school

  • Signing in of Superschools Team- Sports coach, Photographer, Star Athlete

  • We will need a member of staff at hand for playground/field access. (Depending on the athletes requirements for talk/demonstration)

  • In the event of any filming for publicity purposes for the school, Superschools or Fyffes will need to establish which

    • Individual children

    • Groups of children

    • Classes

Can be photographed, filmed and/or interviewed.

We also need to know if there are any particular restrictions on filming in or outside the school building. 


8.50am- Arrival in hall

  • Photographer will require mains power to setup photography area i.e. Corner of hall with extension lead to power


8.55am- Setting up in Hall

  • Photography area will be in place. Access to gym mats will be needed to cover up any exposed cables within the photography area.

  • Team to arrange 8x long sports benches into 4 stages. Mats to fill spaces in between- *Picture provided

  • x4 ‘Bananergy’ guidance banners to be erected at each station- Nearest wall to avoid trip hazard

  • Superschools upbeat music to be connected to PA system

  • Superschools video to be played on loop on projector (if accessible)



9.00am- Important Information-

  • The six Year 6 children, previously selected by PE coordinator, will need to join the team. They will each be given a ‘Bananergy’ T shirt and be given a reasonable leadership role from our coach and stand at each station during the sponsored exercises



9.05am- Starting activity session

  • First class arrives and stands in a single file to the side, awaiting their photograph with our athlete

  • A total of 12 children will then sit on the 1st bench to begin their series of exercises

  • Groups of 12 or remaining children to follow until whole class involved


9.15am- The activity session

  • Next class to arrive

  • The process will repeat itself until all children have completed their sponsored series of exercises

  • Athlete will sign autograph cards in between classes within photography area. These are the individual cards provided by Superschools.

  • ANY personal cards or books will need to be handed over at this time.


11am- Completion of activity session

  • All children have completed the sponsored series of exercises and each had their photograph taken with athlete


11.10am- Clearing the Hall

  • All photography equipment,’Bananergy’ banners and exercise area packed away by our team

11.15/20am- Talk / Demonstration

  • Entire school to return to hall OR coned off area outside for talk/demonstration

          (depending on athlete requirements)


11.45am- Finish

  • All children to make their way back into the school, avoiding the talk/demonstration area


11.50am- Departure from school

  • Apparatus to be disassembled ready to leave.

  • Please provide an assisted exit if the playground has been used

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